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...browsing percussionlab.com today I found this...posted on april the 10th, so it´s yet kinda new... hope-not-jazz-yo!




Section 001 (2:18)


Sweet Exorcist-Testone

Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 Disc 2 Track 5


Mira Calix-Nunu

Squarepusher-Come On My Selector

Prefuse 73-Culturaluhorgasm

Prefuse 73-Diarrhea Takes Over Your Life


Section 002 (5:23)



Prefuse 73-Nuno

Antipop Consortium-Tronman Speaks

Antipop Consortium-Dead In Motion

Prefuse 73-Desks, Pencils, Bottles

Squarepusher-My Red Hot Car

Autechre-Goz Quarter

Aphex Twin-Cow Cud Is A Twin

Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 Disc 1 Track 8

Prefuse 73-Point To B

Prefuse 73-7th Message

Broadcast-Unchanging Window

Autechre-Second Bad Vilbel

Beans-Phreek The Beet

Team Shadetek-Hard Dragon

Boards Of Canada-In The Annexe

Boards Of Canada-Open The Light


Beans-Mutescreamer [Original / El-P Remix]



Section 003 (6:34)


Prefuse 73-Radio Attack

CBeans-Mutescreamer [Original / El-P Remix]

Antipop Consortium-Dead In Motion

Antipop Consortium-Ping Pong

Savath & Savalas-Ultimo Tren

REQ-Train Jam

Boards Of Canada-The Smallest Weird Number


Luke Vibert-Acidisco

Squarepusher-Shin Triad [Wagon Christ Remix]


Boards Of Canada-Happy Cycling

Squarepusher-Go! Spastic


Section 004 (8:28)


Squarepusher-Come On My Selector

Squarepusher-Do You Know Squarepusher

Aphex Twin-Cock/Ver 10

Squarepusher-Tomorrow World

Two Lone Swordsmen-Tiny Reminder No. 1

Aphex Twin-Mt Saint Michel + St Michael Mount

Sweet Exorcist-Testone

Squarepusher-Full Rinse

Louis Digital-Relax 42


Section 005 (6:16)


Squarepusher-Red Hot Car

!!!-Shit Scheisse Merde [Part 1] [instrumental]

Squarepusher-Dedicated Loop



Something J / DJ Maxximus-Mercedes Bentley Vs Versace Armani [Dubplate Remix]

!!!-Shit Schiesse Merde [Part 1]

Beans-Booga Sugar

Squarepusher-Schizm Track 2

Nightmares On Wax-Sal [Autechre Remix]

Nightmares On Wax-Aftermath

Nightmares On Wax-A Case Of Funk

Two Lone Swordsmen-Spine Bubbles

Nightmares On Wax-Sal

Sweet Exorcist-Clonk [Freebase]

Tricky Disco-Tricky Disco

LFO-LFO [Leeds Warehouse Mix]

Nightmares On Wax-I'm For Real

Tuff Little Unit-Join The Future

Forgemasters-Track With No Name



Section 006 (2:54)



Boards Of Canada-Pete Standing Alone


Aphex Twin-Windowlicker


Section 007 (6:46)


Aphex Twin-Come To Daddy [Little Lord Faulteroy Mix]

Louis Digital-Dance Floor Microphysics

Broadcast-Drums On Fire

Prefuse 73-Altoid Addiction

Chris Clark-Early Moss


Nightmares On Wax-Bleu My Mind

!!!-Pardon My Freedom [Original / Maurice Fulton Instrumental Mix]


Luke Vibert-Synthax

Nightmares On Wax-Keep On [86 In It Mix]

!!!-Hello? Is This Thing On?


Section 008 (4:54)



Aphex Twin-Windowlicker [Acid Edit]

Boards Of Canada-Magic Window

Squarepusher & AFX*-Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid

Prefuse 73-Plastic

Luke Vibert-I Love Acid

Jimmy Edgar-Morris Nightingale Theme

Savath & Savalas-Paulo

Other People Place, The-Sunrays

Broadcast-Poem Of Dead Song


Prefuse 73-Southerners (Interlude)

!!!-Hello? Is This Thing On?

!!!-Shit Schiesse Merde [Part 1]

Aphex Twin-Windowlicker [Original / Acid Edit]

Prefuse 73-Female Demands

Prefuse 73-Back In Time

Broadcast-Microtronics 08

Antipop Consortium-Tronman Speaks


Section 009 (2:14)


Two Lone Swordsmen-Damp

Two Lone Swordsmen-Driving With My Gears In Reverse (Only Makes You Move Further Away)

Aphex Twin-Avril 14th

Prefuse 73-90% Of My Mind Is With You

Nightmares On Wax-Burn Me Slo


Section 010 (5:45)


Luke Vibert-Synthax

CTwo Lone Swordsmen-Section

Boards Of Canada-You Could Feel The Sky



Section 011 (2:40)


Prefuse 73-Altoid Addiction


Boards Of Canada-The Colour Of The Fire

Prefuse 73-Trains On Top Of The Game

Antipop Consortium-Z St.

Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works Vol.2 Disc 1 Track 3

Antipop Consortium-Conspiracy Of Myth

Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works Vol.2 Disc 1 Track 3

Prefuse 73-Radio Attack

Boards Of Canada-Sunshine Recorder

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aaaaaahahahhh....... maaan..that really made my day... :blush:



edit: but was this mix free to get then? or it was just included with the product? ..me myself I don´t remember the mix at all..

Edited by Muflontillah
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...it was uploaded 22 days ago on one of the artists(Zilla - King Cannibal) soundcloud page, so it looks like they just released it again but for free..

Edited by Muflontillah
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Yeah it came with the dvd, on the right side when you opened up the 'booklet' was the DVD and on the left side the mix CD.


So yeah I guess it's been re-released for free ...

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It's a great mix though :) I think I was happier with the mix than with the videos.

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      Just seen news of this release from VOD....🤤
      LATE MARCH 2021
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      I brought up this thought in the dedicAtEd thread for Untilted but I think it is an interesting enough idea generally speaking. Here's the alternate order I came up with for their 2005 offering, Fermium is not removed because I dislike the song but because it feels like the odd one out. This is just my first attempt at this and I don't think I have a better sequence than S and R (fucking love this album the way it is as it is), but it is fun to try rejigger things a bit and see if there are some nice ways of changing the sequencing, just for fun

      1. LCC
      2. The Trees
      3. Augmatic Disport
      4. Ipacial Section
      5. Iera
      6. Pro Radii
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      Here's what auxien said about this new order/removing Fermium:

      "hm, not sure about Fermium on its own, feels naked like that. but it is a little bit of an odd one out on the album perhaps, so i see the case there. 
      random thoughts listening to this tracklisting:
      LCC as opener and Sublimit as closer is necessary, good work on not trying to fuck with that not sure about The Trees as track 2, feels a little too close in shape to LCC Ipacial into Iera is fucking great Iera into Pro Radii works pretty well Pro Radii into Sublimit works pretty well too  overall not as offensive as i'd expected trying to tweak what's pretty close to a perfect album. may see about doing an alternate tracklist of my own"
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      interested to try and catch this one, unreleased spymania bits from the whole gang (and hopefully spoosher!)..anyone got the wherewithal to record it and back it up? i might not be able to catch it 😞 
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      Squarepusher’s sonic masterpiece and debut mind-melter of an LP Feed Me Weird Things returns, reissued on double vinyl for the first time since its release on the 3rd of June 1996. Originally released on Rephlex, Aphex Twin himself noted on the sleeve notes of the original that Squarepusher makes “sound like sound never sounded before… Squarepusher gives us the SOUND of SOUND.” Now released on Warp 25 years later, the original album has been remastered from the original DATs and features two extra tracks on a 10 which were first released on the B-side of the Squarepusher Plays… EP and later featured on the original Japanese release of this album. The edition also includes a 16 page booklet with personal photographs, ephemera and notes from Tom Jenkinson, giving us an insight into his early career and into a time of true experimentation and innovation during the mid-90s.
      To say it was ‘ahead of its time’ feels unsatisfactory, and almost chronologically inaccurate - the wild array of styles it blends makes Feed Me Weird Things seem to exist in a time and space continuum all of its own. Maybe there really were UFOs over Leytonstone?
      Using the nascent energy and wildly experimental drum programming of jungle as its main rhythmic driving force, Feed Me Weird Things is celebrated for the way it was able to blend and cross-pollinate genres so effectively. Jazz, instrumental dub, trip-hop, UK hardcore, ambient synthesis, seventies cop funk and even a kind of mangled bossa nova are all tied magically together, transcending into a sound uniquely his own.
      Without delving into the many highlights and moments on the record, it serves as both a snapshot of one of the most vital, experimental periods in the history of UK electronic music and how the young Tom Jenkinson was pushing the boundaries of electronic music, into something well and truly weird, feeding into the canon of electronic music that resonated on into that decade and beyond.

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      if anyone is interested, have some things I need to sell:
      Mike & Rich - Expert Knob Twiddlers cassette reissue, sealed NM
      Aphex Twin - MARCHROMT ep 12", sealed NM
      Aphex Twin - Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments 12", EX
      Aphex Twin - Syro vinyl, EX
      Aphex Twin - I Care Because You Do warp vinyl reissue, EX
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