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On 3/24/2020 at 10:14 PM, Alcofribas said:

they do have a ton of records but there's an insane amount of quality shit. i was recently listening to Black Light District and the whole time i was like "how is this possibly from 1996 this sounds like it hasn't even come out yet it's so fucking future." incredible album

Black Light District is one of very few albums that I loved on first listen and just loved more every time. It is woven from rare textiles into an indescribable but somehow important shape and there are many, many times in my life where it is the only music that makes sense.

"Unprepared Piano" often feels more silent than silence.

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There will be a Soisong broadcast at Station Essence today, Friday 22 Jan at 20:21 pm CET. I won't be able to tune into the transmission myself but hope someone might record for posterity. 


Soyez témoins d’une transmission radio inhabituelle interceptée par Station Essence.

Saurez-vous déchiffrer le message ?

À vos caques, hauts-parleurs et oreillettes vendredi 22 Janvier 2021 à 20h21 heure locale



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For a limited time, we are offering rare Wax Trax! items from the personal Nash Family collection and archives. 
This poster is from Coil's 1991 landmark album "Love's Secret Domain", and was used to promote the release...Measures approximately 15.5" x 24.5" and is Extremely rare! 
This vintage 20 year old poster has never been used and is in amazing condition! 
Note: Posters will be shipped separately in multi-item orders. Insurance is included in the shipping cost for US destinations.


Too rich for my blood but one of y’all need to snag this. 

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