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Weird BOC Dream

Guest Dni

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None of you probably care, but I had a really bizzare dream about a new BOC album last night and I feel the urge to share it. Be warned, its a really stupid dream, and I have no clue why my mind even bothered.


The album was called "Still Going." The color template was all black and red, with a picture of the Sandison brothers with bleached blond hair, one of them was sticking his tongue out, I forget which one. Really, it looked like some generic pop punk band cover. It was released on CD and record, and the record release was a limited edition of 200, all hand numbered. For some reason, the record wasn't released on the usual vinyl, it was released as a set of nine Evatone Flexi-discs. I bought my copy at Newbury Comics and got the last one, numbered 200/200.


Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I didn't listen to any of the music before I woke up, I bought it right before hopping on the train to go into town and never got the chance. Seriously, this was the weirdest dream I've had in a while.

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Guest Spittal

Strong second post... but in all honesty I have BoC dreams all the time, not usually about the Sandisons, but their music is like a soundtrack for the dream.

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