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DJ Elephant Power - Elepha In Da Flash

Guest futuregirlfriend

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Guest futuregirlfriend



With his fourth release on sonig, "Elepha In Da Flash", DJ ELEPHANT POWER runs danger of jeopardizing reputation as an anti-perfectionist, because he (again) does it all totally different. Anyone who has ever experienced Nicolas Baudoux as a DJ will have fallen in love with his nimble fingers and the dynamic acceleration of pitch in his live sets. Today, he is part of a phalanx of DJs which have beaten a path between laptop-music and live performances to create the exceptional. He revitalizes the dancefloor with new musical styles which go against a uniform functionality.


You can listen to the tracks here on Juno


I've only seen him mentioned here once, and the thread sank after I replied :dry: but I'm going to use this thread to recommend his previous release, Atlas Anthem, too.



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