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Jonas the Plugexpert - Ondervlak

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"This album mix is a selection out of my relatively slower attempts at music (<140 bpm) created between 2005 - 2010, with the exception of 'Kontje' which was made in 2002.


Thanks to Renoise (www.renoise.com) for being the perfect medium guiding inspiration and Roglok (www.roglok.net) of upitup (www.upitup.com) fame for producing the artwork!


Big ups and thanks to the re-mixers; Mountain (new Candlestickmaker alias - www.myspace.com/csmfalls), Vivace (www.myspace.com/botb), Charly Linch (www.charlylinch.com) and wAgAwAgA (www.myspace.com/splagawagawaga)!






In the artwork, the object pictured is from Hartmut Landauer's 'Transition Codex' series - www.memoryscapes.de




24 tracks + 4 bonus remixes.


Download it for free here: http://www.acroplane.co.uk

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Guest placidburp

Ooo! Didn't see this before, grabbing now. Thanks for the free music!

Jonas is one of the best on WATMM, can't wait to hear this! :beer:

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