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Current Musical Addictions


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I recently picked up Crystal Castles' first and second CDs (creatively titled "I" and "II" respectively), and while some songs are hit and miss, when they hit, hoo boy - the one I'm currently replaying over and over is "Untrust Us" from their first album - reminds me a lot of Windowlicker with the voice treatments, etc.


What song(s) currently are obsessing you and require ridiculous amounts of replays?

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AFX - Phontacid

The Cure - Prayer for Rain

LCC and Sublimit, I can't believe I wrote this album off! It sounds much greater on vinyl too.


However Mr Joyrex I don't get into tonnes of constant replays, as I don't like to kill the magic!

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Two very different selections for me- A lot of people aren't digging it, but I've been listening to the latest Band of Horses album a lot, particularly love the the track Older.



Also, MmmHmm by Flying Lotus (w/Thundercat)is quite the banger:


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AFX - W32.Deadcode.A


Im late to the party but filling out my Analords besides what I had from Chosen Lords, getting them one by one. And this tracks is just DOMINATING me like no other. It's been non stop go-to status for the last week and a half

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Guest Ricky Downtown

The Cure - Boys Don't Cry

MC5 - Call Me Animal

Erykah Badu - Fall In Love

Beach Boys - Summer Means New Love

Schifters - Milady

J Dilla - Shake It Down

Jimi Hendrix - Bleeding Heart


i always seem to have a bunch of "musical addictions"

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Guest disparaissant

bottin - horror disco

casco - the cyber album

eero johannes - eero johannes

max tundra - mastered by guy at the exchange

have not left my shitty mp3 player for like a week now.

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Guest bacteriatastic

no specific tracks just in general:







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DJ Gilb'r - Espèce Funk. Sorry, I can't post the video, but this is some killer French house from year 1995...love it very much.

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