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Daft Punk's Tron Legacy Soundtrack Leaked!

Rubin Farr

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yeah, listening to it at work, if it is real, definitely not the entire score, too much beatwork for an OST, unless they're gonna mix it in with a more traditional orchestral score. still, good stuff and has that DP sense of melody.

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Whether they are fakes or not, it really sounds better than the extracts we have on Tron's website (those with the violins everywhere, posted on the appropriate topic)...


I'm enjoying it. :music:

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An update has been made on this site, here's the quote :


UPDATE! Cinematical says they've been able to confirm with Disney that the YouTube embedded tracks are fakes. However they believe these 6 tracks may be real:


And the 6 tracks are the one we previously heard...




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Guest Backson

so fill me in here


the six tracks that were on Youtube are fake, and now here are some more but they are probably fake too?


also, did anyone watch that Light Cycle reveal clip? in that they had a simple, slow track with an awesome groove. that's what I'm hanging out for.

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