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Boxing Day

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i apologize to everyone who tried to make an honest effort


this thread, has shown that this board is inundated with children, who are incapable of adult discussion, and a sophisticated interaction of ideas


sorry for trying


*fart jokes*


*anti-conspiracy 9/11 gibberish*


*general retardedness*


last post


watmm fail


fuck you

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this is my last post

i hope youre happy

you made the kids true

your logic traps me


i was right for a while

now im just wrong with a smile

youve gone and fapped me

oh lord rap me out some rhymes

which i cant undermine

and let me tap thee


for i shall go on watmm

and bother em

till i got them into a state

into complete irate

and well hold each others hands

and well touch each others mans



its what you always wanted,

dont pretend you dont want it

ive got your sucky cream

youve got to come to me


OH watmm

its gone on for far too long

ive been ashamed all along

my posts are useless and drab

to you im worthless and a fad


so why do i post?

im just a curios'

for your mind to see

we are the same being


a mind all connected

yet seemingly disconnected

we are our self

yet someone else

lets all get reconnected


and the verse...lah lah lah lala lah, ooh ooh la la ooh ooh, bing bing bee bee boop dah, lah da doop bee doo pah!


last post

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The "rumor" that et is some famous artist or something is not true, he was sadly just another drugged/weird watmm'er from Edmonton


Shine on, you crazy diamond

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Guest ruiagnelo

there are some fags here, but not everything is that bad.

i see no reason to leave like that. come on man, that is not the best approach to the problem.

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