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Burial Tracks


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Could anyone be so kind as to put together a list of all the Burial tracks following his album Untrue, which have been released or are online.


I think such a playlist would be great to listen to as the daylight begins to get scarcer.


Much appreciated.

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No need to be a tosser, I know how to do it, but I wanted to do it this way as I'm sure there are some tracks which are not "officially" released and therefore not on discogs or whatever.

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Since Untrue:


Moth/Wolf with Four Tet

Fostercare from Hyberdub 5 year comp

Vial featured on track with Breakage

Be True (Remix) of Commix track

Prophecy (Burial + El-B) on Nu-Levels album



Pretty sure that's all of em.


edit -- his wiki page has everything: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burial_%28musician%29

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fuck i'm starting to get bit worried bout this - what is going on? i really was hoping he would do something

even more subtle, ambient and dark like bits of selftitled - the possible urge to enter the dance floor little more may not allow for this.


i'll bet these are jus some toss off's and he's holding back a well-built bit of brilliance

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