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do you know any young people?

Guest tht tne

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i'm talking about memes/catchphrases essentially

my cousin ashley's schoolmates would say "salt!"

it meant "burn!" or like "salt in your wounds," also

i think that's a very literate meme for highschoolers

i don't hang out with any other teenagers, so... lol

but if you know any (e.g. nieces/nephews/siblings)

what kinds of things do they say that are lolworthy

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i dunno i know a 6th form girl and she does this... :L ...alot in text messages.. apparently its meant to be a laugh...


the premier time i saw the spelling "bewbs" was in a

instant message from my friend elijana who was ~20

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I've heard from the older generation that the younger generation think they know everything....but I am getting older and starting to agree with the elders, all the while thinking I know nothing.....so being stuck in the middle is interesting.....KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN GEE!?! because I really don't know what I am saying.....gee

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i dated a 20 year old. Lots younger than me. She texted me " i liked having you in meeeeeee" They like to repeat letters a lot


young girls also use x's: xcheyXcorexdrinksXbloodx

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Guest Lube Saibot

im 22 now and highschoolers already seem retarded to me. i watch them like i would a constructed habitat in a zoo. everything they do and say seems like jungle noise, like you're watching birds singing, you don't have the facility nor context to understand so it becomes cacophonous, yet euphonic. then i think.... 4 years ago, this was still me. is that normal?


(of course, this is generalizing, i have quite a few younger friends... but all these friends have the same mindset and mannerisms as myself and all my same-age or older friends... but then i went back to visit my highschool and seriously felt like stepping into a "planet of the apes" film. are people just getting dumber generally? or is the gene strength thinning with newer generations? wtf)


P.S. :L is incredible. it should be the new trashbear.

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kids i know say things like

"troon" as in "you're a fu-

cking gaylord" and "omg" l-

ike 1 word that rhymes with

"bomg" like "bomb" but with

a pronounced "g" on the end

and also they say "spelling

" as in Aaron or Tori Spel-

ing which I can only presu-

me is some kind of cockney

rhyming slang for smelling

as in "OMG" (rhyme with b-

omg) that fart you done is

totally Tori Spelling guy.

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