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Dj Jo Quaid 5

Chris Moss Acid

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what's this? is that you cma? loved every single track in that video (except the last two), getting this foooo shooooooo.


Sure is dj jo quaid 5 is my 8bit alias. I just found this advert tonight. So i thought id post it up. Tell me what you think of the full release ;)

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also while im at it... some more videos







yeah i totally fancied SEB soo much when i was in my teens. her mum was a blue peter presenter too!

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all of this kinda reminds me of goto80, except most of this is samplednfuckedwith original c64 tracks no? im sure i've heard most of them before ..still fucking ace though, that "JQ2" track is making me dance in my chair.




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yea this album is mostly original c64 tunes with original bits of c64 added and stuff


on the first DJ Jo Quaid 5 album; Amtek there is a few original tunes.. http://chrismossacid.kaen.org/music/finished/albums/amtek%20-%20dj%20jo%20quaid%205.rar





and these



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