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Sending a message to multiple members at the same time


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I figure maybe separating the usernames by commas in the recipient field might work, but I don't know. I haven't tested it. When I hit preview message it doesn't confirm it or give me an error. In the Help section, it says "You may also be able to add other recipients into the "Other Recipients" box. If so, the next option allows you to specify how the messages will be sent to alternate recipients: "Invitation" allows all invited members to participate in a single conversation, while "Copy" will send a separate conversation to each member." But I do not see an "other recipients" box. Is this a subscriber-only feature?


Please help me get in touch with WATMMers, WATMMers.

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As part of the Members group, you are not allowed to PM more than one person at a time. Consider upgrading to EKT or EKT Plus for increased benefits.

Hmmm. I am kind of broke at the moment, having just moved, but I'll keep that in mind and as a participant I should of course contribute. :smile:


Say I were to become an EKT member, and send out a mass message, would recipients that are regular members be able to respond to all in the chain?

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