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xmd5a (remix)

Guest tht tne

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Guest tht tne




if your intent was on completely butchering the track then yes i would say it is fine as well


btw your opinions are really important to me since you've been posting in ylc for 0-5 months each, congratulations on being assholes

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tht tne, you need to relax your ego a bit. I can understand why you'd be defensive, but it just makes you sound desperate. It's clear that this was the result of twiddling with some DJ software/Ableton and, in my opinion, the "remix" doesn't add anything to it. It doesn't make me change the way I hear the song, in fact all it does is add in some stuttering. Keep in mind that you're submitting this remix of what I believe to be the best track on Analord to a site filled with AFX enthusiasts... I think the reason the typical "glitch" sound effects have such a bad name now is because of half-hearted attempts to jazz up something boring. While you haven't done that here, you've attempted to jazz up one of the busiest and fucking coolest songs I've ever heard, and it just sounds cluttered. I'm not trying to attack you, calm down!



Also, looking at this thread here, http://forum.watmm.com/topic/60157-cartoon-amen-129-its-short-but-sweet/ , you seem to be in the habit of being a huge cunt to the people whose work you don't enjoy. In that case, I rescind my previous kindness and tell you, flat:


you fucking ruined this amazing song, you prick!

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