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Autechre ''live'' at BARCELONA (Sonar 1996)

Guest TechnoMilitant

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Guest TechnoMilitant

Hi all.

I watched lots of time documentary movie about Techno music, created by French/German television ''Arte''. As I know movie calls ''Universal Techno''. I don't know why, but always in my head is minds like... ...if here is so many fans of ''Autechre'', than probably most of people probably know about what movie I talk about, cause there also was some scenes about ''Autechre''. So, if fans interested in ''Autechre'', than they trying find interviews, videos, music (of course), etc., Looks like in all web isn't so many ''documentary videos'' about ''Autechre''. Maybe few... ...So probably most of people from this forum already saw some part of that movie (''Universal Techno''), (I think).

Anyway. Problem not in movie, and sorry for my long text about movie, and not about ''Autechre''. I trying explain since where everything begins.

My problem is... ...I just trying find one track name, which I heard in that movie (in part when ''Autechre'' plays live in Barcelona - Sonar 1996). I trying find that track name for over 2 years... ...but still no results. Some people which I asked before, said cause that briliant track not released. So another question than... ...If track not released, than also people here will not answer... ...but, than maybe anybody here know some sources to ''Sonar 1996 tracklists'' or something like ''Autechre's dj set at Sonar 1996'' ? I mean, any info between words ''Autechre'' and ''Sonar 1996'' ? Any?

Here is a link with that video, where I heard that song (song starts at same time, when video starts - at 00:00) (maybe video helps...) --->>>

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Makes me wonder if they got the ringin' o' the ear or any sensorineural loss from, like, 20+ years of racket?

I expect they've got some degree of loss, yeah, but I also reckon they've got to the point where they know how to set up the monitoring system so they aren't killing their hearing each and every night. They're clever like that.

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  • 11 years later...

I came across these two videos about Sónar '96 that were broadcast on Catalonian TV at that time. Both have short bits about Autechre that I hadn't seen before. Sadly, there's no audio from the set like in the OP video.

Autechre at 13:40


and here at 26:48

this video that I don't know how to embed :)

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