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Missing the 'Go' button


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I can change my navigation habits, but I usually get to the bottom of a thread and then use the 'Go' button by the subforum drop-down menu on the bottom-right of the screen to return to the subforum I was previously in (or else change to a new subforum).


Is there a way to re-implement that button? Sorry to whinge.

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Holy fucking hell


There's a link, RIGHT UNDER that dropdown that says <-- Previous Topic | General Banter | Next Topic -->


How many alternate fucking navigation methods do you WANT?

Fuck me! I can't fuckin read. Let this be a lesson to all.


... The lesson is, ... :trashbear:

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Reason: I'm a fuzzy fuckbutt.


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but why take it away? Nothing is aesthetically gained from removing it. Was the Go button really costing Joyrex too much per month?


I actually had nothing to do with it - the developer of the board (IPB) decided that having a redundant "go" button wasn't needed anymore.


And you'd think Go buttons would be cheap in this modern age, but nay, I say - that "Go" button was a whole .001 cents extra per month, per member!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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