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My first collaboration

Guest Phasen

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Hey guys. So- I've always wanted to, but I've never really gotten organized enough to put together a collaboration project. I'm finally going to work on an EP with German techno maker Nachklangmusik. I know most of you guys don't really care for techno, but Nachklangmusik has always provided signs that he is influenced a lot by BoC etc (I can hear it in his music at least). Plus, I started off in electronic music loving IDM and downtempo.


So the result is a weird, experimental type techno with some IDM influences that I think some of you guys may like. Here's our first song with a few more to come. I hope you like it, but if not give me some pointers on making a successful collaboration. I'm new to this and could use the advice/criticism!


clip on soundcloud

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Listening now. Not sure about the clashing synth parts from the offset. I like the stabby chords and the subs but the higher melodicy bits don't sit very comfortably on them for me. Ah... Is this like a mini DJ mix of various different tracks? That would make a lot more sense if it is. Never heard either of your individual musics before so I don't really know what either of you sound like or who is bringing what to this collaboration. I'm guessing that big parpy synth flourish at 3:05 is you ??? Dunno. Yeah. Decent quality "downtempo" techno. It all sounds quite nice. I could listen to this and/or shuffle about to it.

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