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Can Lightning Strike Twice?


A Venetian Snares Subforum: What Say You, WATMM Community?  

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  1. 1. Should We Have a Snares Subforum?

    • Aye, 'tis the right and just thing to do.
    • Nay, nay I say!
    • I could care less either way.

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PROLOGUE: Joyrex swallowed down the last of the anti-nausea pills, his hand still shaking, causing the glass of Alka-Seltzer to jitter and fizz even more than what the carbonate disks dying their slow deaths were. He tentatively reached for his mouse, swallowing hard and clicking on the "Create New Post" button...


OK, in all seriousness, the wails and cries for a Snares subforum have berated my virtual ears more than Snares' own special brand of "music" has in reality, and so I've decided to put it to a vote, once and for all (or at least for a long time, I hope) if we should have a Snares subforum.


Yes, I realize his prolific output, along with (now) a tenure in the electronic music scene, as well as a rabid (but chromosomally-challenged, IMO) fanbase not only on here but on the internets in general seem to warrant a place for discussion about his music (at least they'll all be walled off, akin to lambs awaiting the slaughter (probably is a Snares trackname in the making).


Hardly definitive, but perhaps this will either settle or shelve the issue for a bit.


This will be a timed poll - you have until Sunday, 14 November to decide - come Monday, we'll see where the chips lie.

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I know Joyrex won;t change his mind about the ceephax forum , but a Vsnares forum would be the next best thing


If you have trouble deciding , here are a few songs that may help your decision.
















Also , Vote CEEPHAX

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There are currently 9 subforums , you should make 10 to make it even. (preferably with ceephax)


But first delete Cylob , (we are back to 9 again) , one more spot is open , Snares is an option but not a priority.






Ceephax should be awarded a subforum for this track/video alone.

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