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an interesting mashup performance

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Guest thepilot

I was browsing the interwebs and found a performance on a show called Xfactor. It is one of those musical performance adjudication programs that really contributes nothing of worth to the musical community, but I ran up on this somewhat interesting mash-up. The stage production suffers from that typical epilepsy-inducing visual diarehea and the performer himself is grandstanding to the crowd/judges to within an inch of his life. BUT, I like the idea and think it works somewhat well musically. Oddly enough I really like the audio production on the drumkit. I expected some stadium/gymnasium reverberated shithole only capable with 500 drum mic's, but it has more of an open mic'd jazz / 60's/70's rock feel which sounds good to my ears. (I think the downfall of rock music (aside from hitting the infamous brickwall) is/was producers throwing way too many mic's on a drum kit.) I digress. Try to watch with closed eyes. If you hate it, I'm sorry but my love of clever dj mixes will always like interesting performance mashups. Sorry if this too pop/mainstream for watmm, but I thought someone here might think it was cool. :unsure:

Here we go :blush:




grammar edit (whoopsie)

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