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little help?? DIY Timecode interface for vinyl emulation


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I have a DJ setup and I am trying to get this whole vinyl emulation thing going so I can mix my rare internet cutz. I have the torq timecode vinyls and I picked up this interface, a Focusrite Saffire 6 usb. I have tried to get this thing running on Deckadance, DjDecks, Mixxx, and now Traktor Scratch and this is not working out for me. I can get the timecode signal to come through and I can get them to be separated for easy fading on my external mixer, but the software doesn't read the signal right, it jumps around and doesn't reverse and it plays the tracks all glitched to fuck. it sounds like flying lotus/autechre when I try to use this interface but like, a really shitty autechre/flying lotus.


I think it might be because I have my RCA's going into 1/4" adapters going into XLR/instrument jacks and there is some signal loss/jumbling going on.


Can someone recommend to me a cheap interface that will be able to get me going with the timecode setup? Thanks and remember, always be yourself.

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