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Frog World Sessions (free album)


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this is a collection of songs I made for a game, but basically they were going to be as antagonistic to the game as humanly possible and they're really meant as some really strange ambient tracks. They range from 13:00 to :20 seconds or so because some of it was never technically finished






1. goat autism

2. food world

3. baby police sonic aszalt crew

4. hideo kojima

5. boil the water pour tthpacket

6. chuch

7. daddude headphone

8. rick steves 4/20 everyday

9. guy fieri most wanted

10. dan hesse c.e.o. of sprint

11. konacof

12. eternalgenitalia

13. baby mama the famicom

14. baby police VIP mix


some bonus stuff is in the zip folder a voice clip and a midi version of baby mama the famicom that's a lot more complete


tbh I'm not sure if dan hesse or food world were intended for the game but I thought they fit pretty well


there were also a lot of other track ideas which weren't realized (daddude headphone was supposed to be entirely different)


tentative trackslist:


* Guy Fieri Most Wanted

* na psa urok

* Fung Wah Bus

* Rick Steves 4/20 Everyday

* East-european sheeper. It is biger than laika and has got another kind of tail.

* Daddude Headphone

* chuch

* fanfare2


(8/7/2010 05:11:58) R.: what a cool/smug looking guy

(8/7/2010 05:11:52) R.: ok the ending toy owned also whoa i would have played with that toystory woody

(8/7/2010 05:09:07) R.: that sporterman (spiderman SNICKER) is really good

(8/7/2010 05:08:48) R.: ok bootleg toys

(8/7/2010 05:06:15) R.: duckjones, the icing of the cake

(8/7/2010 05:05:34) R.: ahahhaha 3 in 1 NO CONTEST

(8/7/2010 05:05:18) R.: Super wonderful mario looks like a genuine 80's disney comic with all the stupidly smiling disney characters that feat in donald duck comics

(8/7/2010 05:04:42) R.: Darkman

(8/7/2010 05:04:32) R.: ahahaha that brilliant army remake of mario 1

(8/7/2010 05:04:03) R.: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeaahhhh i want to make my own cartridges

(8/7/2010 05:03:54) R.: ok after that comes the ownage semi-russian cartridge

(8/7/2010 05:03:28) R.: e

(8/7/2010 05:03:26) R.: uhhh what the hell is that hands - gam

(8/7/2010 05:03:08) R.: aaaaa holy shit SUPER 2000 Disney 4 looks like cartoon porn

(8/7/2010 05:02:25) R.: M I S S I N G

(8/7/2010 05:02:15) R.: aaaaahahahah i'm going to die

(8/7/2010 05:02:03) R.: ahahah punch out 1 is brilliant

(8/7/2010 05:01:32) R.: how daft punk's album covers ALWAYS should had looked

(8/7/2010 05:01:21) R.: aaaaaaaa holy shit 97 tennis looks like

(8/7/2010 05:00:32) R.: yeah that owned

(8/7/2010 05:00:19) R.: ahahaha that mario with yellow cap

(8/7/2010 04:59:38) R.: what a polite cartridge

(8/7/2010 04:59:32) R.: aaahahaha super mario 6 owns

(8/7/2010 04:59:18) R.: super mario world 9 is clever

(8/7/2010 04:59:00) R.: holy shit

(8/7/2010 04:58:57) R.: worstue ball is art

(8/7/2010 04:58:22) R.: super mario 14

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