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More Kinect Open-Source Madness


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Guest Blanket Fort Collapse

People say it's very responsive on the slightly well Kinect 360 titles but I am sure it isn't nearly close to optimized using hacked software..

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I love those videos but the midi controller one has been done to death and is extremely easy to recreate in Max.







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Guest we_kill_soapscum

the hand puppet one excited me the most, think about what 'avatar' will mean even a year from now...crazy! i think the kinect is so imperfect as a gaming device and so remarkable as a 'let me hackzor this now plzkthx'

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*Waits for Kinect hack for Minecraft*


it's been out a little while



holy fuck this just blew my mind


why doesn't somebody do an effect like this in a movie where a giant dude just comes out of the ground made of objects.

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