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Numark Mixdeck: looks pretty cool

Guest The Bro

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I only just came across this suprisingly 'cause it came out earlier this year but seems to cover all areas for a reasonable price. Looks pretty decent. I'll be totally honest I don't know how it compares to CDJs 'cause I've never DJ'd that way.


Anyways at some point I wanna get some CDJs but I like this 'cause you can play stuff off usb sticks, ipod or hook it up to Traktor and I'll be honest last few times I played I felt it had become a fag having to take my laptop with me. Now don't get me wrong I like using Ableton but I'd prefer to just go to a gig with a few CDs or better still just some usb sticks and just plug em in and do my thing.


I still just use Ableton for DJing but figure this would be like the all in one system for Djing without the visual interface so to speak.


Looks cool either way.



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