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Weird 3d interactive video on Youtube

Guest The Bro

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There's a bunch of this out there that isn't accompanied by really shitty tracks and actually has interesting visuals, I don't have a link on me at the moment but theres one in a helicopter, one on like a jet ski or something and another on top of a taxi.


EDIT: someone find this shit, I think it's on stumbleupon.

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kinda like old school quicktime vr + google maps cam meets video. best view is just to point the cam straight up.


now somebody needs to make a porno with this tech. :emotawesomepm9:





lol @ the haiti vid. taking this super high tech cam & strolling around in this high poverty disaster area.


"yep. don't mind us. just testing out the new expensive gizmo here. just go about your disaster recovery buisness as normal."

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