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Funky house thread

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I'm actually loving this style of music. Unbelievable they play this in some cheesy as hell clubs so that's kinda handy as I'm diggin it. Anyways this for me has gotta be the definitive funky house tune that springs to mind. Feel free to add others ones so we can make this a rolling thread. Nice one.



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i always find joy orbison tunes are too long and i get bored (brkln calln is 5 mins long), if they 3/4 minutes they would be perfect.


but yeah, this stuff is perfect for clubs, some of ma faves:




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You're confusing funky house with UK Funky. Two totally different things. Both terrible genre names. I wouldn't say that Joy Orbison tune is a straight funky tune, more like just 130 bpm house with UK Funky influences, more crossover mongrel style. Either way I love this stuff hard, when it came out it was raw as hell, and I love the fact that virtually all the interesting people in dubstep assimilated it in their style. Some really good shit is coming out at the moment and you'd be a fool to miss it as it's been tearing up the clubs in the UK for the last few years.


More straight UK F -




More crossover stuff -






BTW this thread has been made on the House section of dubstepforum countless times, have a search there, jus' saying!


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Night Slugs are mostly good but a bit hit and miss for me. That Mosca 12" was utterly amazing to be fair, everything he does is incredible. Big selections BTW, Man Up I love but got a bit overlooked as the flipside got so rinsed

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its also worth checking out DJ Sdunkero, DJ Gazzeto and DJ Gazzeto, theres a lot of good housey stuff coming out of south africa.


Oh yeah dats the shit I'm talking about!

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