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snow day


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i wish i still got snow days. now when it's a "snow day" it just means i can't get to work and won't be paid for any hours that day.


don't be a slave to the system, man. \m/



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It snowed. Pretty heavily and constantly freezing temperatures all day.


I already had today booked as holiday though, so here's hoping it'll get worse during the week. LOL.

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We probably have some of the worst weather conditions here in Minnesota. Canadians be all like, shut up Minnesota, but it is really fucking windy here due to the flatness.


I got one snow day last year. Should've had 12.


Edit: On the bright side, it's only raining today. I'm hoping it stays above 32 F for awhile. We got buckets of snow dumped on our yard before the leaves fell off of the trees so the yard looks like dump.


Edit2: Sort of related, I did a 180 in my car the other day by accident. Was driving down a hill at 10 MPH. It all happened so slow.

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Haha, I think down here everyone would just go to pieces. I live right at the top of the steepest hill you've ever seen, I'm going to be barricaded in the house essentially as it's gonna be a killer with ice

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