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Kraftwerk & Classical Music


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...but does anyone here have any direct evidence for Kraftwerk REGULARLY using classical music as a direct source of influence? By direct I mean to the point of using it within their own music. And by REGULARLY I mean more often than these two examples:


I heard this one of Tour De France here and was quite suprised.


However, we were given this movement by Haydn to listen to as an assignment in one of our music modules and I instantly thought of Showroom Dummies when I heard those first few notes.


I know that second one is quite a simple motif, and could quite easily be replicated by Kraftwerk's own compositional skills, but has anyone heard whether they directly make references to classical music in their work?

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well this is pretty much straight out of bach's playbook. They were classical music students weren't they? And one was a flautist so the tour de france riff makes sense.



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