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Radioseed - There Has To Be More

Guest Archrival

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Guest Archrival

This is the shit!!!


I just heard the track Magic Friday on the cokemachineglow podcast and its amazing! Also a nice track by Solar Bears is on it.


Check it out here http://www.cokemachineglow.com/podcast/5654/cmgnbhcast-x


"Picture Burial being airlifted to a South Pacific island, his gloom forgotten in banks of white cloud. He’d report back with something like this; a mix of soaring bass textures and distictive chipmunk vocals, the smog washed off in the journey. The sun-kissed nineties breaks he structures his trips around are so joyously rendered they’re our best hope of time travel to date, and as he stacks up the lockdowns of the penultimate tracks you’re already pegging out favourites." Cokemachineglow


Must have! Can't wait!

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