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Metal Appreciation Thread!

Guest Al5x

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I know, I know but I was just watching that Grateful Dead documentary, and it occurred to me that Yob's "Marrow" is a really good version of "Morning Dew."

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  • Pissed as a fart...

NO DIG...OK...

Please can anyone point me in the direction of OLD bands that have done...  I really don't think that there is much more to offer to the metal scene... More Brilliant Heavy Vocal sounds I couldn't give a shit what they are on about has no relevance to me but real hard F****** Metal....

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^ I don't really know what you're trying to say but has anyone posted Sarcofago in this thread yet?



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I do the same sometimes... I bought the original pressing of GORGUTS Considered dead for £3 based on artwork alone...

Turned out to be fuc**ing epic and quite rare...

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Went to Brutal Assault in Czechia, saw a ton of bands there. Emperor, Swans, Boris, Phurpa, Wolves in the Throne Room, Wrekmeister Harmonies, Zhrine, Furia, Mayhem, The Great Old Ones, Swallow The Sun, Ulcerate, Root, Tiamat, Nile, Possessed, Batushka, Cryptopsy, Decapitated, Fallujah, Gorguts, God Is An Astronaut, Oathbreaker, Metal Church, Teethgrinder, Opeth, Overkill, Svart Crown... and some more that I checked out while drinking super cheap beer in a fort. Highly recommended festival, if not for the fact that some friends of friends had their money and possessions robbed from their tents, I sprained my ankle while running from a huge storm and the fact that Wintersun and Igorrr were playing.


Yesss, good shit mang. Playing that Nihil album a lot too, ty.

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Damn dude. That fest looks insane.

It was, first of all because it was in and around a fort. with wine, coffee and (craft) beer bars and ridiculous amounts of quality food stands all over, but there was also part of the fort used as a cinema (with proper movies too) and an 'ambient lodge' with drone, noise and (dark) ambient acts playing while you could lay on couches. There were also a few ("secret") corridors inside the fort you could walk through, some that had art exhibitions too. There was also a nice small river next to the campsite, so we could just dive in there every morning if we were able to. 


Also it was like an hour drive from the ossuary in Kutna Hora, the most kvlt metal approved place to visit, so we also went to that on the way home. 


been curious about Wrekmeister Harmonies for a long time.

Yeah, never heard anything from them before, but it was really good live (as far as I can remember...), so I'll have to check out their stuff soon. 

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