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Metal Appreciation Thread!

Guest Al5x

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fucking hell, NWN!'s reissue power has never let up... i still can't believe the Amputation (pre-Immortal) tapes got unearthed


more killer 90s death/thrash demos:





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most idm thing I've listened to this year  

this is probably the most bonkers manic album i heard in 2019 ? and it's realy good 2 it's that insane vocalist from bethlehem ?, he never sounded better  

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Made a playlist loosely inspired by COVID-19, about 8 hours to shuffle through of riffs about plague, disease, infections, sickness, decay, etc... check it out!


if the link doesnt work search “COVID is brutal” on Spotify

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lol i just discoverd these guys have a videoclip, so awesome 🤣

great band! ha, iv been on a black metal kick lately

this dude just released a new album and it has a ton of amazing tracks


Love the new paysage d'hiver album, never heard anything from em before, it's just sucks you in after you get used to that icecold blistering distortion


like this one 2, very simple and deleciously raw but it just has something, from what i read the guy from prurient is in it what a friggin weirdo




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oh also listened to the new enslaved album it was again meh, their 6 first albums are so fuckin sweet tough what a shame

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Immortal parodies are always welcome haha.


These 2 guys (voc + drummer are also in Totenmesse) - nice ambient intro in this one lol:


The vocalist is also in this band :



Finally, there is new Anaal Nathrakh ablum : 







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i don't know how it's possible but black metal just wont die, i can't stop enjoying the hellfuck out of it



^my heart is pounding out of my chest! and check that artwork!!!


also what in the fuck is this album, that belketre stuff is amazing, that hate track and the one after that unholy fuckin lol

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