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[id3] - quickest way to fix flac id3 tags?


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i only use winamp 2.x to play the tunes - can only edit one tag at a time

i haev itunes for the musics transfer, but it wont accept flac to mass-edit


i will reward you handsomely


this is my kttn,





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foobar + discogs plugin

Yeah, this plugin really improved my tagging experience. I couldn't think of a more useful way to correct those mistagged files.

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Guest Jackson Michaels

foobar + discogs plugin




To be even more precise, here's what you got to do (foobar can be installed and uninstalled very easily, so don't worry about that):


1. Install and run foobar2000.

2. Drag an album to the playlist of foobar.

3. Left click and mark said album (make sure the songs are in correct playing order).

4. Right click marked album -> Tagging -> Get tags from xxxx

5. :cisfor:



Edit: If you go to Library -> Configure -> Tagging, you can change which online database to retrieve tags from. Goggle how to find discogs if it's not installed by default (can't remember if it is, sorry).

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yeah i fucking rocked it out all day on vacation friday with a multitude of spliffs and magnitude of espresso


8am to 3 thirty in the afternoon correcting tag and adding album art and deleting a shit ton of music i dont listen to to satisfy the antihord inme


sorting files for that long of period of time will dull the brain


and on top of that starx got ejected :/

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