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'On the 7th of November 35 whales beached themselves off the coast of Donegal a few miles from where I was born. Church attendance is at an all time low but still I hear my grandmother call us to prayer from beyond the grave. Free cheese from Holland and protests on the streets of Dublin. There's no fucking money, there's no fucking work and the price of a pint is still over a fiver. These are bad omens and an all round bad buzz.

Using largely Irish artists music, personal compositions, remixes and recordings of my deceased and beloved grandmother reciting the rosary in Gaelige, here is how I remember Ireland in 2010, my 40 shades ... of shite!’

D.Empty December 2010



D.Empty - Swallowed by the Tide

Altan - Thug me Rhuide

Iannis Xenakis - Metastasis (D.Emptys All Souls Mix)

Vatican - Latin Mass Procession

Children Under Hoof - Repeat break

D.Empty - Schlow

Sarah O'Donnell - The Rosary

D.Empty - Wails

Parabola - Lustmord

D.Empty - Relax Yourself

Nista Nije Nista - W

Nurse With Wound - Homotopy to Marie

D.Empty - Bad Verse

Glen Velez - Bodhran

Cruachan feat Shane MacGowan - Spancil Hill


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