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Loose Link - The Free Frontier Mix

Guest Loose Link

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Guest Loose Link

A little Christmas/New Year's present for everyone :)




The Free Frontier

An hour long mix by Loose Link


A dense ambient/glitch dub soundscape featuring many unsigned artists from around the globe, who work passionately on their music and release it for free on the internet through various net labels, such as Jerky Oats and Monotonik.


Also featuring signed major artists here and there, just for providing the way and inspiration :)


Includes: Black Sun Empire, George Carlin, Gol, FSOL, Loose Link, Clockwork Keyboard, Noisesurfer, Second Thought, Cubus, Off Land, Herd, Jesse Conner, Matthew Price, Jack Anderton, Seafar, Blu Mar Ten, Shining Dove, Bjorn Lynne, City Of Tales, Sun In Aquarius, Tom Cosm, Isaac Chambers, Transient, Deep Space Network, Reii, The Orb, Salmonella Dub, Pitch Black, Malty Media, Neotropic, FSB, Woob, David Zeal, Ghost Box, Inky Blackness, Flight Of The Conchords, Jam And Spoon, Kuu, Bloop, Gusev KP, Irresistible Force, Coldcut, Wishcollapse, Pete Farn, Ghosttheory And Tree Helicopter plus more.


Listen to it here:




Should be downloadable on a website soon, if not I'll make it downloadable myself.


Merry Christmas all

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