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Your Top Ten Movies of 2010

Boxing Day

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10. King's Speech

9.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt/1

8.Shutter Island


6. Scott Pilgrim vs The World

5.127 Hours


3.Black Swan

2.The Social Network

1.The Ghost Writer


Honorable Mentions:

Of God's men

44 Inch Chest


Exit Through the Gift Shop

The Way Back

The Last Exorcism


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Guest Iain C

i didn't watch ten movies from 2010 in 2010. i'm not even sure i watched ten movies full stop. trash humpers was good.


from 2009 apparently tho

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it's flat out pathetic how few 2010 movies i've watched.



the town


great but not quite there:

enter the void

the social network



scott pilgrim


honorable mention considering that i saw it:






this list looks very good so I'll probably go off it over the next few months



Exit Through the Gift Shop




this was pretty good too.

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2010 was an awful movie year. But here are some the few I enjoyed:



Enter the Void

Akmareul boatda/I Saw the Devil

Get Him to the Greek

How to Train Your Dragon

Toy Story 3

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Inception (I liked it but I could have done without the snow scene)

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Guest Fishtank

My favorites in no order



Les 7 jours du Talion (7 Days)

The Fighter

Black Swan

True Grit

The Next 3 Days



The Town

Iron Man 2

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1. Four Lions

2. Inception

3. Kings Speech

4. The Social Network

5. I Love You Phillip Morris

6. How To Train Your Dragon

7. The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest

8. Blue Valentine

9. Ghost Writer

10. Winter's Bone



My 10 Worst were


1. Date Night

2. The Wolfman

3. Day and Night

4. Clash Of The Titans

5. Tron 2

6. Prince of Persia

7. Paranormal Activity 2

8. Splice

9. A Nightmare on Elm Street

10. (even though I didn't see it...) Somewhere

11. Let Me In




True Grit was ok but mostly meh.

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i cant believe no one has seen valhalla rising


i just read some reviews on rotten tomatoes, sounds like it came out in 09? I remember someone posted the trailer a while back...if it really has any similarities to a Herzog flick, I'm there...

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I saw Valhalla Rising. Thought it was decent, could have been better.


Didn't watch a lot of 2010 movies in 2010, so these were the only ones that I'd rate well:



Winter's Bone

Shutter Island

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Black Swan

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Guest disparaissant

oh right four lions came out this year. that is my list. four lions.

i spent most of the year watching eastern european films from the 70s and italian films from the 40s-60s.

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