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UFO sighting in Pentland Hills


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Reads report with no images.


Reads the first comment to the report:

I’ve seen large Military helicopters flying in just this formation over the past week or two in the area. I saw them during the day of the 23rd (approx 11am) at about 400′ flying approximately 100′ apart heading North East directly over the village of Kirknewton to divert Due East as they approach the Airport… Then head out towards the Forth… The same flight path vectored just a mile or two south would see them almost directly over the Pentlands; and remember there IS an RAF presence at Kirknewton… Not entirely uncommon for small Military choppers to be in the air… and they DO usually keep south of the village. So late at night is very odd though…


Needs to stop reading these watmm ufo threads.

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