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technopodcast.com #24


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Technopodcast.com #24 - Posthuman



Posthuman – Europa Sky

PW – Paranoia

A Made Up Sound – Rear Window

Posthuman – Eclipse

Floppy Sounds – Ultrasong (Studio B Mix)

Larix – To Defeat (Partick DSP Remix)

Ben Sims – Big Lucky

Anodyne – Corrossion (Bitten by the Black Dog)

Planetary Assault Systems – GT (Function & Jerome Sydenham Remix)

Matador – Pigs In Blankets

Inigo Kennedy – Quagmire

Glitchfxxx – Return to Insanitarium (V1nz Trip Home Mix)

Derek Plaislako – Raw Jam

Dr. Trash – Toxic Hell

Lorino – Vega

The Third Man – Tangier


download mp3 here: http://soundcloud.com/technopodcast/technopodcastdotcom-024-posthuman/download


stream here: http://www.technopodcast.com/blog/?p=3053

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