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I've been enjoying brainrape poops lately

they are a subgenre of ytp that has gone so far down the tunnel that they should be considered high avant garde art.






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yeah I want to gather up 2 hours or so's worth of such videos and tie myself or someone else to a chair in a dark room with a huge screen and a big sound system and let my brain melt. idk why, though.

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the best youtube poops, in my opinion, put one's mind in an altered state similar to a pre-pubescent sugar high; responding to an immersive audiovisual experience rife with gratingly inane repetition, absurdity, sensory overload and a sense of refined stupidity.


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It wasn't exactly ytp but there was one, a colossally edited video from a gay porno featuring a bunch of overly buff guys wrestling. It was in Japanese I think, began with one guy singing to a crowd of phalluses. Later on it had a really well done Initial D rip off with said gay actors. Somewhere they also hid the aids virus. Any ideas? I know it was posted on here once but it looks like youtube removed it.

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I like danielradcliffe777 a lot, stumbled upon his vids via watmm in fact:








Also, found this, trying not to inter wormhole of wasted time...http://youchew.net/wiki/index.php?title=Chewiki


I almost feel like this is an unintentional minimal techno or microhouse-ish version of YTP - it's got sparse edits and kinda lets the "poop" speak for itself...


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