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Debussy playing Debussy piano rolls and recordings. Blew my mind.

4 hours ago, brian trageskin said:

yeah that dude has a sick youtube channel dedicated to music theory of the renaissance period (how much nerdier can you get btw)


Excellent, love that stuff.

I once bought a renaissance counterpoint book lol

Here some more nerdiness, Leonardo Da Vinci instrument invention: Viola Organista

Glorious.Viola da Gamba on a keyboard.


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2 hours ago, brian trageskin said:

wow cool instrument! nice 

did you get to learn counterpoint?

Im not an expert but i self taught myself few tricks for baroque style counterpoint mostly.

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It’s funny because I really only got into them initially because Faith No More (my fav band of all time) sampled them on angel dust. When I was 11 or 12 and that album came out it molded how I looked at sampling. Fnm had already changed my life and got me obsessed with music with the real thing, but then the introduction to things like this reinforced them later in my life as truly inspiring. Well enough fnm ranting in a classical thread- this whole Kronos album is amazing!

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