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anyone rec these notes (from live2010 set)


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ive been tryin to nail down if these notes are from an ae song or another set or wat...but it's from somethingsomewhere

clip: http://www.sendspace.com/file/c4lnat


-right at 8seconds.


drums at the end remind me of the vancouver 1998 (i think, maybe the 2001) set. but i honestly never heard the entire set so i dunno, just a guess.

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I'd say it's from the oversteps set. There's similiar harmonic "plucking" sounds in the domino set in a few spots.


Yep, just had a quick search there, if you've got the domino set there, check out 16:36.


Or else just have a look at 9 mins onward here>


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that's where i ripped the clip from (2010 set)...


but the notes in that sequence are ripped from something else; they do it all the time

just trying to nail down what the hell that melody is from

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