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UPITUP vs BUNKER 25|02|11

Guest Jacques MalChance

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Guest Jacques MalChance



FRIDAY 25th of February 2011


Line up:

.../|\ D J S C H M E R Z L A B O R /|\

A very special guest directly from Den Haag(NL), Guy Tavares, the legendary owner of BUNKER Records(home to seminal artists such as I-F and Legowelt)and member of numerous bands like Unit Moebius, Orange Sunshine, Sulphur Surfer\Panty Boy, Godzilla vs. Metalhead(w/Funkstörung), Los Hermanos Rodriguez(w/Legowelt).



• Captain Johnson • (Recode Recordings/ Incense Records)

FuturisticRetro electro from Liverpool!


- HIVE collective Dj's -

True purveyors of "other" electronic music!


º Oddbwar º

The ulti-mate Hero!



+++ theUPITUPhub +++

a cozy chillup room with u p i t u p music all night!



Don't Drop The Dumbells

Price: £5 (inc.Corkage) - Doors: 10pm

(Liverpool, 22-24 Hardman St, through Big Green Gates)

Please note its BYOB only!


About Bunker Records:

Set up in 1992 by three white and Eurasian middle-class nerd punks who had just moved into the squat zone of central The Hague from the suburban newtowns of Zoetermeer and Alphen a/d Rijn (where Rude 66 also hails from). Since no label was interested to release the music of Unit Moebius, their (now legendary) 'acid planet' squat parties in The Hague, with twelve hours of non-stop comatose acid-house music, no lights but heavy strobes and a very freaked out audience (partially due to the strong and pure LSD sold by one of the Unit Moebius members) of punks, squatters, junkies and patients from two nearby psychiatric institutes, made it possible to release Bunker 001 and 002. The next two releases were paid for with money made from selling LSD (silver surfers!). Soon the fucked up standards for The Hague's hard, dark and crazy industrial techno music were set and the acid scene exploded.

More freaks, more drugs, more artists, more music, so Bunker started to release records by other musicians to support the local scene. Many records, CD's, tapes, comics and videos followed. Despite the downfall of Unit Moebius (a soap opera about drugs (speed!), women, money, psychoses and depressions) in 1997, the decline of The Hague's acid scene (more speed!, ketamin, heroin, crack, hospital admissions, overdoses, suicides and other unnatural causes of death, mind fucking, paranoia and all kinds of psychiatric ailments) and the financial bankruptcy of the label in early 1998 (due to non-paying distributors).


Bunker records has risen from it's own ashes with the new 3000 series (as the last 'old' Bunker was 029) to bring you the latest La Haia Bass/electro funk, Industrial planet rock, new wave techno-pop and La Haia coca disco from The Hague's electronic freak scene!

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Guest Jacques MalChance

Hellllloo There!

Due to some events recently selling out at Dumbells we decided to do tickets in Advance in order to avoid any Dissapointments!

You can buy them from Probe Records(next to Bluecoat) or 3B(on slater street)..Please note its an 80ppl capacity event so we strongly reccomend getting one! : )





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