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Everyone is invited to Parrot Party!

Guest Iain C

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Everyone is invited to Parrot Party!


Did you ever wonder whether parrot themed music exists in this world?...NOW, at last, IT DOES!

How many times have you said to yourself, “Does my parrot feel lonely? Does my parrot like to listen to and enjoy music?”. What music do parrots like? Do you think new commercial music misses something? Something from the heart and from nature.



Hi, my name is Bruno. My friend and I have made some amazing parrot-themed music for you and your parrot. Sounds tempting? Here‘s why! Start playing this sensational rainforest music and watch the reaction of your parrots! Do they like this uniqueness of sound and become exited? Do you also feel ‘the call’ towards nature, listening to our special music with your parrot?

Do you feel like you ‘go somewhere you belong? Somewhere comfortable.



When you listen to our music, just close your eyes and imagine… You could almost be there… you are there... You’re discovering the jungle with these beautiful birds. And as you walk over bright red and yellow soils you can hear their sounds, their screeching! Because they’re so glad to be alive… Alive, because they’re with you, and among the sounds of a distant waterfall and the stunning scenery of sunset orange, hot pink and purple jungle plants! You can really SEE this intensity of colour! And if you listen carefully, you can almost hear the water dripping off the large, lush greens of the jungle leaf habitat. You can even ‘smell’ the greenery! And as the hazy sunlight shimmers through the tall trees, you can ‘touch those thoughts you’re feeling’ with our “Parrot Party” Audio CD.


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