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tell us how you are dishonest, pathetic piece of trash

Guest Helper ET

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Guest Helper ET

you dont wash your hands very much, do you?


i bet when you are wiping after a poop, you dont even clean all that well (fucking gross)


you masturbate to levels of embarrassment, no one knows anything, but everyone suspects


you have no feelings. you watch a fellow member of your species die on youtube, while you watch shit on your television and observe your own pathetic, meaningless death


your death is not meaningless because you are dying the wrong death...you are literally a pathetic, disgusting, and shameful person. your death is meaningless not because youve made a mockery of life itself, but that your death will never amount to anything with any amount of meaning, and your existence shall be temporary and pathetic, for a short while only, while your body quickly suffers due to your mental inability to want to feed itself



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