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4 tracks ep

Guest khrimson

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alpha acid: like the sounds but not the chord sequence, too short for my taste (gets repetitive very quickly). the compression ruins the track. no proper ending.


unbo: like the first seconds, like the mood of those chords. the beat & bass enter greatly, i like the way they're processed. then i start to want some fuckery in the beat. kick hh snare hh kick hh snare doesn't do it for me. 1:34 i skip to the next track


sad acid: first impression: too much compression again. near the end i expected some heavy beat fuckery but it didn't happen. there was a slight raise of intensity which i thought would lead to some explosion but the track actually ended.


3rd view: like the mood, but again there is not enough happening for me.


overall review: don't like the mix, too much high freqs in the beats i think, dunno, there is something strange about the mixes. the tracks are too repetitive for me, that said i'm not a fan of acid so you might want some review from someone who is more into that genre. hope my comments are not worthless though!

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alpha acid: I love the eerie chord progressions. Interesting gated acid, but it seems behind the beat and that makes it hard to listen. Decent beats, I really like the wood block snare. Get that acid on beat and you'll have a winner.


Unbo: Nice crunchy acid. It's a catchy line! The pads are too 'IDM' and meandering for me, but the beats suit the track. Acid just changed, love it even more now...it sounds full of violence and I'm starting to appreciate how it counters the pads. I'd love to discuss how you processed your acid in this track!


Sad Acid: Nice little record slow down right before the acid. Again, this acid sounds a little behind the beat. I don't mind the compression on the drums, but I'd try to add more attack transient to them for 'pop'.


3rd View: I'm not big on slow, weepy pads. Nor do I like 'IDM' beats...but these are personal preferences so disregard. I didn't find this track too remarkable.




I'm probably more 'into this genre' ;)

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Guest khrimson

Thanks guys, any feedback is welcome.


Yes, they were processed with a mastering preset in ozone so the compression issues may be caused by that (303 lines on this tracks already had compression+lowend/hiend boost).

Yes, the rythmic parts are repetitive and simple and yes, they are based on a 4 chord structure.

Yes, there are pads.

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