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anyone going to watch Watson play jeopardy next week?

Fred McGriff

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I watched an episode of Nova last night explaining how Watson has been programmed to compete on jeopardy. Interesting stuff. At first I was like, big whoop, IBM made a computer that can store a lot of facts, of course a computer should win at jeopardy. But it's fairly more complex than that. It has to parse such a wide variety of cleverly worded jeopardy-style questions (or answers technically). What I was disappointed to discover was that Watson doesn't actually "see" or "hear" the questions like the contestants, but rather receives them via text simultaneously as trebek reads them. That's much less compelling. And also, as the article below concludes, Watson must have an enormous advantage at timing the buzzer. So it's not really a perfectly fair matchup. Anyway Watson will be on jeopardy this monday, should be interesting, and hopefully funny with some weirdly incorrect answers.



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Guest Deep Fried Everything

for sure! this should be good, though it appears it is on at 3:30pm local time here which is a HUGE wtf.

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my mates put me on wikipedia. Most mental thing about it is when you find out you're also in various translations of wikipedia.


is there any paper about watson ? i'm ready to wagger it's semantic engine is more encyclopedic.

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