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your top 11 autechre tracks


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01. rae (the saddest song ever written)

02. garbagemx36 (like a huge rusty machine groaning and grinding itself into life)

03. 6ie.CR (so CRUNCHY)

04. acroyear2 (the song that got me into ae. it's drill, but not.)

05. fold4, wrap5 (admirable from a technical point of view, but also completely and utterly awesome anyway)

06. cichli (what a fuckin melody!)

07. gantz graf (the search for the melody is so rewarding eventually, and the more you listen to it the more it makes sense)

08. drane2 (perfect closer to lp5... so lonely sounding, and again perfect from a technical point of view. and the melody is incredible. combines everything that's good about my favourite sad robots)

09. krYlon (the white-noise snares kill me)

10. paralel Suns (so evocative... put it on headphones, and you're in intergalactic space)

11. augmatic disport (hard to pick one from untilted, but i love the way this recycles the snare from the first track)


honourable mention: laughing quarter

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this list could be different depending on how my listening patterns are, and is rather inconsequential, as all of these lists ultimately are...





Parallel Suns









i sincerely love every album though, and making a list is kind of stupid, but i can recall having really special moments while listening to the above songs, other songs as well, but i had to pick 11 right?


autechre have stated that they are about making as futuristic sound as possible, so Quaristice takes that title.

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Off the top of my head:





st epreo


Perlence range3

Second Scepe






I feel like I should add more, so fuck it I will.





Netlon Sentinel



The Plc


The Trees

Pro Radii

r ess

no border


Pen Expers

Parhelic Triangle


Second Bad Vilbel


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had to make it 12. couldn't possibly narrow it down any further



parhelic triangle




vose in


second scepe

laughing quarter


gantz graf

stop look listen

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Guest bitroast

11 songs is fucken impossible.




Pro Radii

Pen Expers


Zeiss Contarex

Theme of Sudden Roundabout


See On See



+ Smallfish Pa.track2 (autechre remix)

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Hey guys, lets list track names without explaining why you like them. That'll make for an interesting thread.


True dat.

Okay, here goes:

Vletrmx21: Pretty obvious why this track is amazing. Stunner.


Ilanders: Loved this one from the get go. Perfect marriage of the old school AE feel of Clipper, the chaos of Fol3 and the epic melodies of that great mid-section of the untilted set. Love it. Monster of a tune.


Second Scepe: Probably my favourite Autechre tune. Beautiful melody and great synth sounds.

Draun Quarter: Sad, playful and comforting at the same time. Always gives me a fix.


Lost: One of the first tunes I heard after Amber. Great delay/reverb, great melody and love the vocal samples.


Perlence Subrange 6-36: Total dreamscape. Floating on a cloud over a Lebbeus woods future-scape. Or maybe Bladerunner's LA when the smog clears a bit. Either/either.


Dael: Fantastic bassline, great percussion. Great one for an early morning commute on a drizzly day :P


Nil: First AE song i heard. Beautiful tune.


Dropp: First section before the percussion kicks in kills me every time. Best synth sound ever.


Nine: Song for cloud gazing outside an industrial estate.


Laughing Quarter: Epic. Like ilanders, it's a perfect combo of my some of my favourite AE hallmarks. Sits perfectly with Second Scepe, Vletrmx21 and Keynell 3.


Honourable mentions:


Saint Etienne: Like a motorway (Ae remix)







All of Amber

Paralel Suns




Second Peng






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Got it down to a top 30 easily, then top 20 was tougher, but from there I had to drop some of my all time favorite songs from the list. Fuck this was tough! My top tracks would probably change pretty regularly but these 11 tunes are classics.


Acroyear2 - Starts LP5 off with a bang but really hits its stride when the jazzy melody comes in at around 5:30. I think there are like 4 melodies going on at once near the end of the song, epic.


Cipater - Another great opener, one of the funkiest beats I've ever heard and I love the sound palette. The changeup is one of the coolest transitions ever too.


D-sho Qub - Totally unexpected melody at this point in their career, followed by an even more unexpected creepy bit with the chorus. Caught me off guard and I immediately loved it.


Garbagemx36 - Just an amazing journey, I remember the first time I listened to this high I was taken away to another world. The second half is amazing.


Laughing Quarter - Maybe my all time favorite, just epic in every sense of the word. Massively funky beat and the melody is to die for. I always get goosebumps at 4:12.


Nuane - Chiastic slide has a perfect opener and closer. Starts out super aggressive but I love it when it deconstructs and picks itself back up again halfway through.


Parhelic Triangle - So fucking creepy and disorienting, still have never heard another track even remotely like this.


Piezo - Gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh.


Second Scepe - One of my initial favorites, one of their best beats and melodies. Still as catchy as the first time I heard it.


See On See - Will have to see if this one has staying power but one of the prettiest tracks they've written in ages.


Sublimit - The inner b-boy comes out on this one. So many awesome transitions and the final 10 minutes or so are one of the best buildups they've ever done, leading into a sublime finish.

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I always get goosebumps at 4:12.


Indeed. 4:30 in to second scepe works the same for me :)


See On See - Will have to see if this one has staying power but one of the prettiest tracks they've written in ages.


Yep. Was tempted to throw it in there as well but will have to give it time. Easily one of the best tracks they've done in years though, definitely a testament to how they can continually take you by surprise.

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Guest extherium

No particular order really, just the standouts for me.


rale -- That really grimey opening just pulls you in and then the rest of the track lets you down softly. I don't fully get this track, but it gets me moving. Ae's hip-hop influence really shine through on this track.


Windwind -- A great ambient track in general. I don't think there exists a room with enough volume to contain this track. Loud in a large, enclosed space is the only way to play it.


444 -- Same as above, but a lot more driven and much more dense and saturated. Yet, strangely, a lighter atmosphere. Love those drawn-out synths that phase in and out regularly.


Dropp -- That synth sound at the beginning, before the track ...*ahem*... drops around 0:42, is unparalleled. Yet somehow the complete destruction of anything else during the rest of the track just seems to work.


Milk DX -- The creepy vocal that starts coming in just before 3:00. Can't help but imagine it's what those twin girls from The Shining hum to themselves when they're doing some evil shit. Wicked beat too boot as well.


iris was a pupil -- Another track I like for the opening. That deep synth sound and melody just does it for me. Very dark, austere and enclosing.


V-Proc -- Ae at their b-boy finest. Love the slight modulations on this track and how it just plateau's off in a totally broken state.


Parhelic Triangle -- Nothing else compares. Never heard anything else that, in any way, resembles this track. An absolute stunner.


Laughing Quarter -- A totally driven track. If that beat doesn't get you moving, then you're likely a fat, lazy, s.o.b.


Teartear -- It hardly evolves, it hardly goes anywhere, and feels like a constant build-up to something greater. Which is why I find this track so... bleak and depressing. For some reason it just reminds me of a society that has lost all humanity.


ilanders -- If I could drown in sound, I would like it to be because of this track. It just envelopes my whole body and strikes every chord with me. Another track that must only be played loud.

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