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Juke Nukem - Da Rejukalypse/Glassfatha/N'z Exodus


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We at WATMM all know and love (hehe) the wonderful releases that the duo Juke Nukem have been releasing since summer of last year. WATMM even joined forces for a remix album last November, which resulted in over 200 downloads (about 500 dls total for Juke Nukem so far). 2011 is shaping up to be a fantastic return to form; I just received this link, and as always, will share it with you all. Da Rejukalypse/Glassfatha/N'z Exodus is firmly set in G-funk, hiphop, jazz, and at times, dark ambient.




Bearfaced leapfrogs the current slew of juke acts to bring you the best, up-and-coming post-juke futureblaze swag cuts, straight from the projects. Ahead of every conceivable curve, this album doesn’t just push the envelope, it posts it to your ass.


If this is your first foray in the Nukem world, you have found a fantastic album to start with. Enjoy!


JUKE NUKEM - Da Rejukalypse/Glassfatha/N'z Exodus

Juke Nukem @ Bearfaced Records




1. Intro (Da Warbringa/Jukalypze Now)

2. Y'd U Do Me Like Dat? (Ho)

3. 4 tha Hataz

4. No Homo

5. Cook Dat Azz

6. Nuke this Dick (For Anthony)




Here is the single, "Y'd U Do Me Like Dat?", which is great enough to be this summer's anthem if it was released a little later.


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P.S. As CEO and global head of Bearfaced, I would just like to add how honoured we are to have this frontier-pushing post-juke on the label. NEXT LEVEL.

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chillin to this atm, gonna bump it cause it's the most amazing/underrated/swag/based release of '11. pure FIRE, JN are more on point than a triangular dick

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