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I would squish Bob (gently of course). Then I would end world hunger, stop all wars and bring peace to the Middle East. I would make everyone know it's not okay to say those mean words that hurt people. I would change the world.

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After a recent visit home over the border, meet Holly, my Mum’s new rescue pooch.

Beautiful coat, bright eyed & one of the calmest dogs I’ve met. She had a grim background, animal cruelty is beyond wrong, but she’s loving Cymru & meeting new creatures on treks. 



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I have always felt the same way about dogs that I feel about people: The majority of them I don’t care to be around while a few I feel a genuine, deep connection with. The ones I do feel connected to, it’s usually because they are old and super chill. 


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When you dog sit & your constant companion gives you her doe-doe-eyes look, guilt tripping you into passing chicken morsels on while you’re trying to finish a paper late on deadline::


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