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The Hole Punch Generation - Self Titled

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The Hole Punch Generation's music is defined by it's raw intensity and beauty and has been compared to bands such as Radiohead, Arcade Fire & Sigur Ros. Each track soars and glides across manipulated electronics, shoegaze guitar riffs and the unique outpouring of Balthrop’s unique falsetto vocals.



Buy the CD for only £6: http://www.audiobulb.com/albums/AB034/AB034.htm


"Don’t Go” explodes, bursting into life with a sledgehammer of shoegaze that hits you and vibrates for forty minutes. Welcome to the world of the Hole Punch Generation: everything thrown at you, kitchen sink first."


"Balthrop’s singing is only part of the Hole Punch Generation’s arsenal—they take a surgical approach to songwriting, with each track’s breathy neurosis carefully dissecting Roxy Music’s Avalon (1982) and everything on Type Records. If you want disheveled symphonies, you’ve come to the right place. If you want Richard Ashcroft’s solo career crossed with the sounds

of an interrogated unicorn, you can come in too."


“Conversations” taster single indicated, they can rip your heart out without compromising a sound that is inspiring, uplifting and, frankly, bloody beautiful. Fans of everyone, from Radiohead to Eno, would be wise to track this down."


"What we have here infact, is lush dreamy soundscapes reminiscent at times of the likes of M83, but never losing any form of originality. Here is music that is happy to sooth you to sleep, here is a band that desperately should not be overlooked."



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