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Spectrum Spools


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Just noticed this. Two releases are already available for pre-order.


From the Editions Mego website


First good news of 2011 is the announcement of Spectrum Spools.


A new and exciting label manufactured and distributed in association with Editions Mego focusing on current, past and future electronic music works of the highest quality. Kicking off with 2 new releases showcasing yet more talent shining up out of the north american synth underground.


SP 001 Fabric: A Sort Of Radiance LP

SP 002 Bee Mask: Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico LP


Both releases available for pre-order. Shipping early March 2011.





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Saw this not too long ago. The one sample for the Fabric album sounds great. John Elliott also had a tweet recently about the upcoming Mist album being released on Spectrum Spools. Really looking forward to that. The Glowing Net ep is excellent.

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