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Subsea EP


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Guest illfly mandog

Got the chance to spin it, Really nice! Im a pretty big fan of the brainhop stuff.I liked the vibe for sure!


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Really cool artwork. uppp is a sweet track. Feel like you could individualize by affecting the mixes a bit more, but if you want a clean sound you can have it.


Listening to dividnds, this is strong stuff. WOW some more beat just came in. Great track! I'm a big fan of Actress and Lukid and this is like something they wish they'd done. Screw the leveler that watmm is. If I found this on bleep.com or something I would download it immediately, so I will do it now.


Good job.

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Hey, nice stuff!, "Drainage" is excellent, has a sort of enveloping glitchy arovane like vibe to it.

Rootkit is also good with its ravy 16 bit cross over feel. And once Dividnds builds up it

really starts to draw you in. The artwork definitely compliments this.

A short but sweet EP!

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Guest TraiT

I love the sewn together feel of drainage. Uppp has some strange harmony going on! I feels hard to distinguish a mood- maybe I'm just hearing it weird. Like it kind meanders, harmonically. Good sound quality.

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