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hahahthhat rescues chipmunk from garage drainpipe

Guest hahathhat

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Guest hahathhat

we have an attached garage, and i'm working downstairs. i hear CHEEP~! from the garage. it was LOUD, louder than animals get, so i went to check it out. i realized it was coming from a spare bit of drainpipe -- the stuff you use to connect gutters to the ground. CHEEP!~


i get my tools of animal handling (compressed air and a jar) and start trying to coax what i presume is a bird out from there.


pick up the drainpipe and SHAKESHAKESHAKE! no animal.


pick up the drainpipe and shakeshakeWHAM against the ceiling. CHIPMUNK EMERGES!! CHEEP!~ and runs out of the garage.


in other news, while attempting to cut a path through junk to the drainpipe, i found two dead mice in a garbage can. how nice of them to find a good spot in my garage to die

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